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The North American Suri Company has a goal of one day accepting all fleece.  For 2021, though, we can only accept certain types:

- We currently accept white, beige, fawn, and black blanket fiber that is free of cotting and relatively free of vegetable matter (international standard is 1% or less of vm). We are only accepting coarser fiber in this category, so 26 microns and up.

- We accept white, beige, and fawn neck, leg, and belly fiber.  All grades accepted.

- NEW for 2021:  We will accept all fiber 22 microns and up that is at least 7" in length. As is the case with other collection lots - the fiber cannot be tender or cotted and must be relatively free of vegetable matter.  All colors accepted!

COVID-19 Update:  Please read the 2021 Pricing sheet in the Growers tab for updates on what we are collecting in 2020!

What Fleece We Accept