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The North American Suri Company has a goal of one day accepting all fleece.  For 2022, though, we can only accept certain types and only when we have announced a fiber call ("Like" us on Facebook to get updated on fiber calls):

- White, beige, fawn, and black blanket fiber that is free of cotting and relatively free of vegetable matter (international standard is 1% or less of vm). We are only accepting coarser fiber in this category, so 26 microns and up.

- White, beige, and fawn neck, leg, and belly fiber.  All grades accepted.  Note, that many light brown animals have leg and belly fiber that is considered dark or medium fawn.  We'll buy it!

- We accept all fiber that is at least 7.5" in length - all grades and colors accepted. As is the case with other collection lots - the fiber cannot be cotted or tender and must be relatively free of vegetable matter.   

- New for 2022: We accept cotted and tender fleeces in all grades and lengths for the following colors:  White, beige, and all fawns.  However, keep in mind that we pay a lower price for these as they go into non-apparel products.

COVID-19 Update:  Please read the 2022 Pricing sheet in the Growers tab for updates on what we are collecting in 2022!

What Fleece We Accept

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