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Good breeding yields better fiber.  It's that simple.  So, we provide seed stock producers with information to help them build the best herd they can.  When it comes to breeding for fiber, we believe science is the name of the game.  Quantitative data will only serve to improve your herd and improve the return on your investment.  Please take time to read each of these articles and consider how you might build them into your breeding program.  We do not make recommendations on which services to use, but instead encourage you to do your own research in that regard, and select the service providers with whom you feel most comfortable.  We've seen them all work!

Histogram Overview - even if you've been running histograms, be sure to read this to make sure you truly understand what each of the numbers is telling you, and how this information might alter your breeding program.

Methods of Micron Testing - This article explores the differences in the various histogram methods and allows you to decide which is most appropriate for your breeding program.

Skin Biopsy Overview- think biopsies cost too much?  Think again...this article provides an overview of why biopsy information will assist you in maximizing your dollars in the door!

Skin Biopsy - a more detailed explanation  - this article provides a more in depth look at what skin biopsies really tell you.

EPD overview - EPDs are a powerful tool - used correctly, they can have a marked improvement on your herd.  Used incorrectly, they can send your breeding program in the wrong direction, fast!  Be sure you know how to use them before building them into your breeding program.  We attach one article from AOA, but we encourage you to visit the AOA site or speak with someone in the AOA office to learn more about this tool!

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