​Pooled Fiber Program for Growers

In 2023, we began offering a pooled fiber program for growers whereby the growers contributed their own Suri fiber for a commercially made product to be sold in their farm stores.  The first product chosen was alpaca socks made from the growers' Suri fiber!


Growers are required to grade their own fiber or have someone grade it for them.  The North American Suri Company provides the specifications for the product - color, grade, staple length, and quantity from each farm/ranch.  We then collect the fiber and arrange the manufacturing. Each product is selected collectively by the growers and all products are eligible to carry the Suri Simply Stunning tag if you are an approved licensee.  Growers can put their own label on the product to let prospective buyers know that the product includes their fiber.


The goal of the program is to put our growers' fiber into more commercially prepared products that they can carry in their farm store.  The first product was a success and we hope to continue the program and add more products in 2024 and beyond!

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