We are so excited about this newest product line!  We believe this is really going to fill a need in the textile world.  This Suri "fur" is not from pelts.  Instead, we use 100% handspun Suri, hand knotted on a 100% organic cotton backing, and then brushed out to look like fur!!  This is perfect for fur trim on outer coats, capes, and so much more. It's also the ultimate sustainable fabric!

Why do we think this is such a big deal?  Because it is a great option for sustainably minded designers:

- The yarn comes from the annual shearing process - for those designers looking for cruelty free products, here is your solution!

- It's natural - if you have turned to synthetic, oil-based faux fur to avoid using pelts, our Suri fur fabric is a superior product!  Biodegradable, all natural, great for the environment.

- Little to no waste - you tell us the number of pieces you'll need and the dimensions, and we'll make it on the loom, shipped to you ready to sew onto your garments!

- Traceable - we purchase all of our Suri from growers in the United States and we know them all!  

- Reduced chemical and energy use - Suri does not have lanolin, and as such, does not require the harsh chemicals used on wool during the washing process.  The fiber for this product is dried outside, reducing energy use in the wash process, it is handspun, and it is knotted by hand, all reducing the typical energy used in spinning and weaving.

We can offer five natural colors - white, fawn, brown, black and grey - or you can have us dye to your specifications!


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