2021 International Pricing

For comparative purposes and to ensure that we offer you fair pricing, click here to see what growers in other countries are getting for their fiber!  NOTE:  Many of the indexes on this report update weekly or bi-weekly.  However, because Alpaca is more infrequent, we will only update this periodically.  If you are interested in getting up to date pricing on fibers such as wool and mohair, we encourage you to subscribe to wtin.com and the newsletter they produce.

2022 NASCO Pricing (May 1, 2022 through April 30, 2023)

Prices have not changed for 2022 as we continue to do fiber calls.  We are passing on the cost of grading to the growers.  See what we are accepting and what we are paying by clicking the 2022 Pricing button.

Historical Pricing

Each May 1st, we evaluate the past year's purchases, our inventory levels, and where we see growth for the coming year.  Click here to see a few comments on these historical levels:

Grade 1 - < 20 microns

Grade 2 - 20-22.9 microns

Grade 3 - 23-25.9 microns

Grade 4 - 26-28.9 microns

Grade 5 - 29-31.9 microns

Grade 6 - 32 and up microns

** These micron ranges assume an accompanying standard Deviation of 4.5 or lower.  Fleece with strong primaries or wide SDs may be marked down 1-2 grades.

Pricing by The North American Suri Company

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