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Are you looking for a new type of fiber to freshen your product line?  We would ask you to consider Suri alpaca - rich in color - dyed or natural - and adding drape and elegance to garments and/or home décor items. 

Suri is, indeed, a specialty fiber, so we suggest you consider open stitches for knitted garments, using this fiber for garments with drape - either knitted or woven - and blending with other fibers.  Suri can be soft and fine, so works well for garments worn close to the skin.  We also offer coarse Suri which can be used for outer wear.

For home décor items, Suri can be durable yet still provide a sophisticated look to upholstery, curtains, rugs, and other decorative products.

Suri comes in several natural colors:

White (advised for dyeing)

Fawn (seen in the photo above)



Grey - Silver or Rose

At The North American Suri Company, we are able to provide worsted counts as fine as 1/14 .  We have access to commercial knitters, small batch machine knitters, and hand knitters who have all worked with this wonderful fiber.  All of our work with textile designers is considered proprietary but we are happy to provide advice and guidance as you learn to work with Suri alpaca!

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