Fleece Submission Forms

We do our best to keep it simple, but there are a couple of pieces of paper you will need to submit with your fleece!

Fleece Labels- Please complete one of these for each bag and place it inside the bag.  Your name, address, and what it is - coarse blanket, neck, leg/belly - so we can pay you properly.  PLEASE NOTE - If you live in an area high in red clay, you will need to tell us the color of your fleece!

Release Form- each farm submitting fleece to us will need to sign one of these forms and include in one of the boxes.

Please send all fleeces in in clear plastic bags so we can quickly determine the color.

For 2021/22, we are paying for the cost of shipping, regardless of weight.  HOWEVER, you must adhere to the following shipping guidelines regarding weight and box dimensions:

Maximum weight per box:  49 lbs

Maximum box dimensions - 104", calculated as follows:  Length + 2xWidth+ 2xHeight (if this calculation is 104" or less, your good) AND the length cannot exceed 48" and the second longest side cannot exceed 30".  

Weight and dimensions that do not adhere to these limits may result in a shipping surcharge fee being deducted from your pay out!

Read the Growers tab overview page to learn how it works! 

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