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Felt is in, and we are seeing designers working with it more and more!  So, we often get the question - does Suri felt?  And the answer is yes!  Wet felt, needle felt, nuno felt, it can do it all.  If you plan to work purely with Suri, we recommend a fine Suri to ensure long lasting products.  If you are considering Suri for a more durable product, such as boot or jacket liners, we recommend a stronger Suri fiber, blended with a wool or synthetic (or both!).

Whether your production is tailored to the boutique industry with individually crafted pieces, or you intend to produce a commodity product, The North American Suri Company can assist you.  We have felting contacts in both the artisan and the commercial manufacturing segments who are familiar with Suri, and we can assist you in making the best felt fabric for the product at hand.