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The North American Suri Company provides services and/or products to four distinct groups:

- Suri growers who sell their crop of fleece to us each year
- Textile and yarn designers who purchase raw fleece and private label alpaca yarns from us to manufacture end products
- Local yarn stores who purchase our Salt River Mills knitting yarns and our designs

- Fiber artist who wants to purchase directly from our retail site:

If you fall into one of those categories, or if you think you may elect to work with us in the future, feel free to review our sub tabs and see what The North American Suri Company is really all about!

Information About our Services and Products

For our Growers:

To ensure a fair price for fiber well grown.

For Our Textile Customers:

To ensure that Suri finds its own place in the world of textiles and can be recognized for its unrivaled elegance and beauty.

The North American Suri Company ("NASCO") is dedicated to opening markets for all Suri alpaca fiber - regardless of length, color, or micron.  Our mission is to provide the best Suri fiber for the project at hand.  We sell wholesale to textile designers, knitwear designers, yarn companies, and fabric companies who, in turn, promote this beautiful fiber through a variety of end products.  While our mission may seem "lofty" to some, our dedication and focus are certain, and our growers are passionate about their animals and their fiber.

The North American Suri Company uses Suri fiber grown in the United State, and processes its fiber using North American workers and machinery.  We purchase fiber from growers, grade the fiber, and either sell it raw, or process it further into yarn, felt, or woven fabric, as the buyer specifies.  We retain a certain amount of fiber each year for product development, and share that information with our customers to assist in further promoting this beautiful fiber.

We have also developed a line of knitting yarns and needlepoint yarns which we sell under the Salt River Mills label.  We provide pattern support to yarn shops to ensure the end user has a positive experience.  And, we update our yarn styles and colors annually.  We sell our yarns and patterns both wholesale and retail as we understand the importance of meeting the needs of a variety of shoppers.

The North American Suri Company is a proud licensee  of the Suri Simply Stunning certifcation mark registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.  To learn more about the mark and its significance, visit the Suri Simply Stunning tab on the website.

So, whether you are a prospective Suri grower, or a prospective customer, please explore our site further and learn all about The North American Suri Company!                      
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