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Tumanako Sweater design by Aroha Knits

We also partner, periodically, with well known designers who retain ownership of their design, but collaborate with us to use our yarns.  To date, we've worked with the following awesome designers.

Aroha Knits (design pictured above, right)

Wood House Knits (via

​Brooke Nico

​Irina Anikeeva

​Anne Hanson


Partner Designers

Ansel Cowl design by Irina Anikeeva

Ice Blossoms Scarf design by Christina Loman

Michelle Mattingly

Lisa Jacobs

​Nadya Stallings

Deborah Newton

Dora Ohrenstein

Christina Loman

Our designers range from the well known, to up-and-comers, but they all bring a smart and sophisticated sensibility to the Salt River Mills label.  We couldn't be more proud of the designs they've put forth, and our great thanks to all of them! 

Our Designers

When we began the process of putting our yarn lines together, we asked the very important question - what do we want our designs to communicate to knitters regarding this fiber, about which we are so passionate?  The answer is a set of designs that showcase the beauty and elegance of Suri.  Sophisticated, yet with a practical element to them, our designs reflect garments that can be worn in the work place, to special events, or in casual settings.  But one thing they all have in common - eye-catching appeal!

We offer a variety of designs, from single-skein patterns such as hats, gloves, cowls, and boot toppers, to multi-skein patterns such as sweaters, shawls, and skirts.  And our patterns are only offered by Salt River Mills through Local Yarn Shops or on Ravelry!  So click on the buttons below and see what patterns we offer for your lovely Salt River Mills yarn!

Designs by Salt River Mills