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Our needlepoint threads were the first product we made with Suri, and we were the first to sell such a thread to needlepoint stores.  We believed back in 2007, and still believe today, that Suri is an ideal thread for the needle arts milieu.  It is a fiber that "spins thin" and thus works wonderfully as a single yarn with 18 count canvases, or can be doubled up to cover a 13 count canvas.  Its high degree of luster and its limited "fuzz" make it lie wonderfully on the canvas.  However, it can also be brushed up for further effect.

We offer 16 colors ranging from white to black (12 colors) and light silver grey to dark silver grey (4 colors).  Each card is 12 yards, and we sell them wrapped around easy-to-hang cards.  We offer discounted pricing for minimum card and color quantities ordered.  Contact us to find out more!   

Needlepoint Yarns

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