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We are passionate about Suri  and see growth opportunities for this fiber in a variety of textile venues.  To that end, we can offer buyers of our fiber and yarns information we have gained from our ongoing product development, as well as a  list of processors, felters, machine knitters, weavers, and cut & sew operations who have worked with our wonderful fiber.


The North American Suri Company, using the Salt River Mills label, offers a variety of Suri blended yarns and patterns to Local Yarn Shops.  We also offer our yarns for retail sale - simply email us with questions and orders - and our patterns for sale on Ravelry.  Our yarns and designs showcase the elegance and sophistication of Suri  in everyday garments - "Luxury Yarns for Every Occasion"

The North American Suri Company purchases Suri fiber from across the United States.  We pay cash based on the quality of the fiber and we work with farms to improve their crop of fleece year over year.  We also offer tools and information to assist growers in their ongoing quest to create the best Suri in the world!  Please read the Growers tab for fleece collection updates in 2024.