The North American Suri Company has a goal of one day accepting all fleece.  However, while we are still in the early stages, we can only accept certain types:

- We currently accept all blanket fiber that is free of cotting and relatively free of vegetable matter (international standard is 1% or less of vm)

- We accept all lengths, colors, and grades of blanket fiber.

- First year customers, we accept blankets only - we generally want to know how your shearing and fiber gathering goes before we take the neck fiber.

- Repeat customers, we will accept your neck fiber but we will NOT accept the following parts of the neck, so please discuss with your shearer:  We will not accept the apron as the fibers are too long and filled with guard hair.  We will also not accept the  neck fiber shorn from the ridge along the spine - it is too short and generally filled with second cuts.  The neck fiber can typically add an additional lb of fiber per animal, so it can be worth including, but it must be gathered and bagged correctly.  Again, please visit with your shearer before he starts in to ensure a successful harvest!

What Fleece We Accept