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The North American Suri Company offers cash for your fiber!  And even better, we pay for shipping if you can gather a minimum of 50 lbs - either from your own clip, or a combination of your fiber and another farm's!   Here is how it works:

Let us know when you have your fiber boxed and ready to send (be sure to click on the Fiber Submission sub tab to print out the proper forms to accompany your fiber).  Tell us the dimensions of each box and the weight of each box.  We create labels, send them to you, and you take the boxes to the nearest FedEx location for mailing.  It's that simple.

We typically grade once a year, in early October, and pay you based on the poundage per grade.  Our prices change every May 1st based on the demand we see for our product over the next year.  You do not need to skirt and in fact, we encourage you to leave the fleeces alone once they are in the bags, as it makes our grading process go much more quickly.

NOTE:  For 2019, we are accepting fiber between May 1 and October 1!  We will begin grading this year in October and run through February.  We grade in the order in which fiber clips are received and those farms who noodle their fleeces will be prioritized.  Feel free to send in your fiber clip early, but checks will be mailed as we start grading in October!

The North American Suri Company strives to pay the best price for your fiber.  We are growers ourselves and we understand that there is a cost to producing the best Suri fleece.  But, the ability to reap a profit from your fiber falls not only with the buyer, but also with the grower.  We can only pay as much as the market will support.  As such, the responsibility to produce more fiber per animal, and better quality fiber per animal must be borne by the grower.  If you are interested in making more money from each animal, we encourage you to check out our Grower Tools sub tab which provides articles and tips for setting your own breeding goals.

We thank you for your interest in The North American Suri Company and look forward to Working with you in the future!

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