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Fiber for Sale

NASCO offers a variety of Suri alpaca fiber for sale for the wholesale community.  A fresh clip of Suri fiber comes in each year in September, and it is then graded, sorted, a portion is washed, and all is offered for sale. 

We sell baled, washed fiber for the commercial market, and we sell hand picked, individual fleeces to retail stores dedicated to the handspinning community.  Additionally, under the Salt River Mills label, we offer 2 oz bumps of roving in a variety of natural colors, and we offer fine Suri and Suri blended yarns in both dyed and natural colors.

 Our fiber comes in the following categories:


3.5-5.0 inches

5.0-7.0 inches

7.0-9.0 inches


Grade 1 (less than 20 microns)

Grade 2 (20-22.99 microns)

Grade 3 (23-25.99 microns)

Grade 4 (26-28.99 microns)

Grade 5 (29-31.99 microns)

Grade 6 (32 microns and above)

 Colors - Commercial Buyers (buying a minimum of 50 lbs of any one batch)


Light ( a mix of beige and light fawn)

Medium (a mix of medium and dark fawn)

Brown (a mix of light, medium and dark brown)

Black (a mix of bay black and true black)

Peruse our flip page fiber brochure under the Wholesale Fiber tab to see photos, quantities, and histogram specs on each bale!

Colors – Retailers

Fiber sold in smaller quantities can come in a variety of colors and shades– 21 in all!  Fiber sold to retailers includes not only the colors mentioned above, but also silver greys, rose greys, and fun and unusual multi-colors.  Check out our sampling of fibers under the Retailers Fiber tab in this section to see photos and get information on each fleece we have!  Retailers can buy whole fleeces or purchase by the ounce.

 NOTE:  All of our colors are natural and will vary from year to year and from order to order, so please be sure to order enough to complete your project!

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